I wanted to take some landscape photos but I don’t have natural density filters (ND) and the built in electronic one in the camera rarely does well. So I decided to try to make some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. It’s the technique of taking several pictures at the same position but with different exposure settings and then merging them together on the computer (if your camera doesn’t do it directly in the camera).

The advantage of this, is that a large photo like a landscape, will have very different light situations in the same frame. For example some areas can have some dark shadows while others can be very bright. The example here is some woods and trees with some dark shadows and then a very bright sky. For this you could strap a ND filter on your lens and try to adjust to your horizon and general scenario but that can be difficult and not always fit what it is you are trying to achieve.

Instead I took three different photos with different shutter time. The camera can do this automatically with the built in bracketing program (BKT). Then at home I used Adobe LightRoom to take the best lit parts of the photos and merge into one photo with a high dynamic range. This can lead to some strange looking landscapes sometimes but overall I am happy with the effect and the results that I am getting.