Took this today by Öresundsbron which is close to where I live. Developed in B&W for more drama. I had some problems with the light setting as the skies were very bright and I was in the shade under the bridge. I think that’s what made the top edge of the bridge fuzzy against the background. Perhaps I could have used a ND filter or HDR/aperture bracketing of some sort. It was a bit hazy today, so I will go back eventually on a clear day and take some more.

The photo is shot in aperture mode at f/16 (highest f stop) to have the biggest depth of field and with an ISO setting of 100. The camera went with 1/13 shutter time and I was using my tripod. I used the self-timer to press the button as my remote was out of battery. I had my Tokina 11-20 f/2.8 DX lens on for this which I bought specifically for landscapes and architecture. The focus was set to manual and I dialed it in at around 3m to have it set to hyper focal with my wide-angle lens. (I read somewhere that this is how I should focus for landscape and also I like saying I do hyper-focus ?)

Let me know what you think!