I’ve been wanting to try macro photography for a while and as it turns out I have a camera that does focus stacking/bracketing. It is a small but very capable Olympus Tough-4 pocket camera that has microscope mode and will focus on objects just millimeters off the lens. (I highly recommend this little gem of a camera!)

The photos are taken with the camera mounted on a tripod and I then use an app on my phone to control it without touching. The camera have two different settings for focusing macro which are stacking and bracketing. With stacking the camera will take 10 shots (configurable) and combine them into one in the camera and you end up with two photos. The reference photos (the first shot) and the combined one. With bracketing it will also take 10 shots at different focal length but you need to combine the photos yourself.

I opted for the last setting as the application I used (Olympus Workspace) allows for more control when creating the combined photo. There I could select which photos I wanted to include and also set a reference photo for the whole process which eventually gave a better result than what the camera did on its own.

The camera came with a small ring “diffuser” to attach around the lens. It takes light from a small led next to the builtin flash and leads it down and around the lens for nice lighting of the macro object.

All in all good times and I will try this some more.